Science = New Truth ?
Mankind's ever expanding reach into unknown regions of outer-space (stellar) and/or into darker parts
of inner-space (mind sorcery) often leads to a fascination with and dabbling in alternate  realities.  
Physics proposes the existence of parallel universes, the meta-universe, and a transcendent singularity.
The Judeo-Christian (scriptural) explanations for creation, reasons for existence, and purpose of life are
coming under relentless attack.  Others term this phenomenon as consequences associated with the
biblical time of the
apostasia.  21st C. mankind believes it requires new truth in this time and Age of
enlightened existentialism (truth determined only by way of empirical observation and replication, read as
Deus ex Machine
Deus ex Machine is a Latin expression, popularized in several Greek tragedies and satires, in which the
playwright includes of a faux godly intervention to bring about a desired outcome, where no other
remedy would seem plausible. (See footnote
(2)]   Machines of today, and the immediate tomorrow,
herald the coming Internet2, subatomic Nanotechnologies, a new reserve currency, ubiquitous satellite
surveillance, global geopolitical hegemonies, advanced remote-weaponry, a digital economy, etc. God is
being foisted out and humankind's Hypothetico-deductive model or methods (empirical)
(3), for problem
solving, are now the gold-standard for answering all gnarly questions that remain to perplex man's
inquisitive imagination.
Null Hypothesis
A null hypothesis would state: God does not exist.  Such a statement is believably sustainable,  through
the scientific method by atheistic subscribers, since God cannot be replicated nor quantified, much less
qualified by way of deductive logical reasoning.  Thus, they say, faith cannot influence nor enable an
outcome, it can only factitiously 'move mountains'. (Matt. 17:20)  In the days of Galileo it was believed
the earth was flat, the sun rotated around the earth, and "All truths are easy to understand once they are
discovered, the point is to discover them"  Meaning, there is no universal Truth (i.e., God's scriptural
Truths).  Conclusion, Science holds the only believable answers in this burgeoning apostate
secular-engulfed world.  Now enter the Darwinian era, evolution vs. Creationism, and the prophesied
exponential increase in knowledge (science and new technologies) (Dan. 12:4).  New bottom-line, as
long as God is denied, science (real or hyped) has the opus to challenge all belief systems that are not
empirically anchored.  
When political leaders publicly announce, "don't know when life begins" ... be it at conception or at
birth, then we have entered into the continuum were  life is evidenced somewhere between the two with
a termination point being utterly subjective.  If it is possible to enact legislation authorizing abortion on
demand then we can surely, by extension, enact companion legislation condoning euthanasia (mercy
killing) on demand as well.  As God's Word becomes progressively null-n-void in the secular  and
scientific communities, situational morality and ethical relativism begin to reign supreme.  America is
plus-or-minus sixty percent already there.  We know from scripture the 'grand techno-machine' to come
will be a humanoid-type robotic-android manifesting supernatural powers in Jerusalem (rebuilt Temple)
and known to be associated with the
abomination of desolation. (Dan 9, Matt. 13, Matt. 24). For a
precursor of a techno-mechanical humanoid-type android, Google the Japanese
Asimo. The Tribulation
Period will incorporate multiple technological advancements, supernatural powers, and a level-type of
virulent destructiveness not previously seen on earth.
Wannabe Deus Machine
Basic science is a marvelous repository of empirically derived revelations along with creative
applications from methodologically obtained evidence.  All set in motion in an attempt to resolve a
myriad of conundrums facing mankind.  As
Science presses the ethereal boundaries of the genome (e.g.,
human cloning), fantasizes stellar travel, labors overtime to confound a belief in
creationism, and puts
most of its eggs in the evolutionary basket, God watches and chortles that it took man 6000+ years to
develop e.g., the modern-day cell phone.  Science does longingly desire to become the
deus machine
(god machine) and hold in its laboratory beaker the origin of life, in its mathematical calculations the
creation-point of the universe, and exponential knowledge of far-distant things to come.  Alas, not to be.
 Mankind's obvious inability to adroitly and morally manage the welling international nuclear proliferation
places it at risk of critical-mass implosion/explosion.
"The lady doth protest too much, methinks" (Julius Caesar)
Recent protests against the burgeoning extravagancy of government spending, local "tea parties", and
liberal political engineering are/will have only momentary effect on God's fulfillment of His endtime
Purpose and the outworking of His endtime Plan (See Eph. 1:9-10).  Science, politics, and globalization
stratagems see themselves as orchestrating profound events to come, while God's eschatology has
already outworked the rapidly approaching last-days.  This is not a gloom-n-doom scenario, not a
crotchety fatalism, nor surrender to a world about to run off-the-rails.  Rather, it is a totally confident
statement that Christ Jesus
holds all things together by the Word of His Power (Heb. 1:3) and that
He finished the end before He came back and began the beginning. In addition, He will bring
conclusion and sufficiency to mankind's last-days plight when it so pleases Him.
No Machine Dialysis for the Soul
'Machines' (scientific, political, or nano) will not save us now, "there is no dialysis for the soul of
man, save the Blood of Jesus"
.(4)   America is receiving it just  desserts for progressively disavowing
God and His supremacy over all of His creation.  The
endtime 'need' for repentance has overtaken
today's rash of civil
protestations. The eternal optimist hoots, "All will workout for the best", while the
undeniable outworking of God's endtime eschatology is squarely before us all!  When we seek profound
understanding and wisdom from mankind's
god machines, by definition, whatever is discovered will be
outdated within eighteen months, or less.  4G iPhones included.  There are no time machines which are
able to whisk one away to nirvana-land (fig.), however,
"back to the future" is setout in prophetic
scripture from
Revelation to Genesis.
Belief is in the touch (tactile), for so many
Today's scientific community emphatically states: If you cannot determine a thing's existence by the five
natural senses, advanced complex-analytical mathematical calculations, bio-chemical subparticle
inspection, and/or formula probability theory (Quantum) then it is ostensibly inconsequential in defining
empirical reality.  Faith does not meet any of those criteria.  Further, those which live by faith (Faith
in God's absolutes) are by choice, dissociated from the modern-day secular-scientific view of
reality.  Faith
then, in this genre is considered a type of reality-detachment and something to be viewed
with suspicion, if not distrust, by unbelievers.
Belief in the Coin of the Realm, for all others
1st and 2nd world civilizations have become so ensconced in ubiquitous digital financial transmittals their
economies could well collapse from a single mega-solar flare induced EMP.  Nuclearized states have
the capacity to affect an
EMP (electromagnetic pulse) within the range of their ICBM's in an effort to
destroy a country's silicon-based computer technologies.  In America, that includes military and civilian
communications, digital banking, hospital and transportation infrastructures, IT systems, national power
grid, etc.  The aim of an omnipresent digital economy is a
cashless society.  The aim of a cashless
society is total control over all buying-and-selling, and management over individual personal wealth.
Rev. 17:13)
The purpose of a Faith centered life in Christ Jesus is to trust and believe in His Promises,
walk in
obedience to His Commandments, deliver His Gospel to the unsaved, revere His Name and
hold fast to His spoken prophecies regarding the times in which we now live.  There is no
in this biblical consuetude.
Political Stage(s)
There are figures on today's contemporary political-stage characterized as possessing extraordinary
and a chariama-like attractiveness, the likes of which has not been seen since the days of
JFK.  These type individuals are foretold in eschatological scripture and will only increase in
powerfulness and number until the Second Coming.  The international geopolitical arena is now all but
set for the entrance of the anti-Christ, save his confirmation of the ever-so-near initial Israeli/Palestinian
"Peace Accord".
(See Da. 9:27). The political Pied Pipers(5) are already leading their wheedled and
charmed subjects into the coming
darkness, even before it arrives fully in the natural.  The Pipers are
not excluded from any particular religious order, political stronghold, military junta, transnational
consortium, or hegemony
(e.g., U.N., EU, USA, G20, etc.).  They are making the way for the coming Son of
(See 2 Th. 2:3, Jhn. 17:12)
Many are now buying into a freewheeling libertine and unrestrained libertarian spirit cavorting about
, which ostensibly advances the total notion - we can/will bring ourselves out of the current set
of monumental crises facing humanity, by self-determination and free will alone
-- God in not a
part of that equation for
salvation and deliverance.  Self-willed-deliverance is an extremely
seductive and charming elixir for mankind's foundering ship.  Those which have/will put all their eggs
in that self-deliverance basket,
will be the one's which will go  through the seven years+/- of the
Tribulation Period ... along with those following counterfeit and apostate religious persuasions, and  
those harboring reprobate minds.
(6)   Participate in all of the civil protests you care to for they telegraph
populous dissatisfaction to self-aggrandizing leadership, but remember those activities are
finite means
to a limited end.  God in
infinite and the Alpha and Omega. (Rev. 25:5-8)   He finished the end of all
things before He began the beginning; He is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.  AMEN

Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin

(2)  A deus ex machine Lt./Gk. - (literally "god from the machine") is a plot device in which a surprising or
unexpected event occurs in a story's plot, often to resolve flaws or tie up loose ends in the narrat
God's intervention ...the Latin phra
se "deus ex machina" comes to English usage from Horace's Ars
tica, where he instructs poets that they must never resort to a god from the machine to solve their      
plots.  He is referring to the conventions
of Greek tragedy, where a mechane (crane) was used to
lower actors playing a
god or gods onto the stage.  The machine referred to in the phrase could be
either the crane employed in the task, or a riser that brought a god up from a trap door. {Wiki]
(4) "there is no dialysis for the soul of man, save the Blood of Jesus"
[Quotation - Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.- 2009 -]