No Religious Firewall
One of the earliest characterizations of Voodoo Religion can be traced back to Haitian occult rituals practiced by sorcery
sects in Port-au-Prince
(1724).(1) The circular debate rages on as to whether voodoo politics begets voodoo economics, or
vice versa. There is no denying perilous economic trends significantly influence political priorities.  Exposed corruption in
the political arena affects public confidence regarding economic solidarity.  At the beginning of the 21st C. "Religion" was
goaded out from behind its statutory firewall and into the judgmental public square.  Religious
absolutes are now targets.
Today, 'religion' is now vying for hearts n' minds of the masses alongside Pied Piper-like(1a) political posturing, wishful
economic turnaround scenarios, and secular/quasi-religious self-actualization seminars.  Almost anything to deny, or
discredit the written Word of God, and countermand the Son of God, Christ Jesus.  Biblical eschatology presages and
foreshadows present-day catastrophic events and global geopolitical power shifts.  During these same times, we are now
witnessing escalating attacks against Christendom along with attempts to annihilate Zion
(Israel).  While the secular world
muddles along, God's prophetic event calendar is being quickly fulfilled.
"Truth" in Christianity resides exclusively in the written Word of God, personification of Christ, and His infinite divine
Wisdom. The world's "truth" emanates from the mind of
mankind and is subject to the finiteness and limitations of human
acumen. In these last-days, the absolutes found in God's written Word
(Bible) are openly attacked by modern-day
progressive-relativism. Such attacks are clearly evidenced by the present-day ferocity, intensity, and relentless blitzkrieg
against Christendom and Jewry.  The demonic realm is just tuning up for its latter-day manifest debut.
"Truth" in the worldly realm is based on 'outcomes' and not so much on absolutes.  God setout His absolutes, in part, in
the Ten Commandments.  The scientific method requires replication to determine authenticity and reliability, i.e., "lets see
that raising from the dead, again" under controlled conditions!   Faith, trust, belief, and hope are not scientifically
quantifiable, thus unreliable, and circumspect in the opinion of secularists.  Science is totally relevant in today's world, yet
it is not a replacemnt for biblical canon.
"Status-quo" becomes the antiquated
Politics, economics, and religion have ostensibly remained in their own respective purviews since the founding of the
United States Constitution. However, in today's world the three disciplines, and their orbits, are loosing their hard-line
boundaries and beginning to blend along the edges. Global financial institutions are being usurped as governments infuse
unprecedented amounts of capital (stimulus bailouts) into faltering seminal banks and credit strapped markets. Political
systems are gaining control over the free-market place of monetary exchange.  Religion is being sequestered to a remote
position likened to that of a
necessary evil and coming under attack as an antiquated hold of moralistic inhibitors.
America is nationalizing primary components of the service industry (banking & lending), major manufacturing industries
(Detroit automotive and aquiculture), and soon to come federalized HealthCare.  Change is surely coming (come) to
America and one can expect gay-rights, pro-life, 1st and 2nd Amendments (gun control) to begin to be significantly
sanctioned in the next 24-to-36 months. Liberal is the new status-quo, while conservatism is definitely on the outs!
Ameobic-type Religion
Endtime biblical eschatology reveals the emergence of an amebic-type religious order which will have hegemony in both
the political and economic arenas. This anticipated occurrence will commence as the antichrist assumes his place in the
outworking of endtime prophecy. A figure deemed a preeminent
false prophet will also emerge and become the lightening
rod for a global apostate religion, in all likelihood orchestrated out of a present-day worldwide religious order.
The highly postured and Camelot-like aura presently surrounding the incoming Administration, and democratically
controlled Congress, will in all probability be short-lived.  By the sheer magnitude of welling global economic instability,
renewed threats of nuclear proliferation, and power shifts away from the United States to the Far East and Europe,
America is approaching a time of critical vulnerability.
The key to America championing this tectonic shift in power is to be desperate in its (our) desire to survive and overcome
it all, yet not to lapse into despair.  The difference between desperateness and despair is hope. That hope resides in the
Word of God and the person of Christ Jesus.  Hope savored from political rhetoric, temporary stimulus infusions, and/or
quick legislative fixes are just that, temporary fixes. We know from recent history, when manufactured hope runs its
course, worldly situations and conditions become measurably more challenging and obstreperous.  America is consuming
(swallowing whole) significant amounts of manufactured hope, yawning promises, and elixirs which rely almost
exclusively on man's moxie and adherence to situational relativism.
Political Ecumenism
America seems to be waiting for the 'other shoe to drop', post 9/11. This great country is becoming a consummate
Ecumenical (all religions are equal and/or pray to the same deity) nation as witnessed by those selected to pray at the '09
Inauguration and Bush 43's equivocation that all religions pray to the same "god", they just call him (it) by different names.
The great endtime
apostasi a (falling away from sound Christian doctrine) is already in play.
Christian minimalism is about to raise its reductivist head (simplification of Christian doctrine and sanctified beliefs) in
order to be less authoritative and restrictive to would-be followers.  Christianity is too well rooted and established in
America to be totally redacted.  However, efforts at the beginning of the 21st C. to marginalize Christian observances,
public display of Commandments, and interfere with annunciation of doctrinal absolutes (e.g., Intelligent Design, Pro-life,
Monotheism, in the name of Christ Jesus, etc.) have been openly challenged, and in some venues curtailed.
Not only is the 'religious' falling away progressing rapidly, but 2 Tim. 4:3-4 is operating within and outside of Christendom.
For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves
teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables"
Metaphysical Religions
New Age-type belief systems (religious and quasi-scientific) are not new nor uncommon in the 20th and 21st C.  Far
Eastern mysticism, ancient religious sects, and a prolifera of contemporary metaphysical spiritualization's are now actively
competing with Jewish and Christian faiths for the hearts and minds of the 'undecided'.  This is to say nothing about
radicalized religious strongholds openly confrontational and blatantly antagonistic to Zion and Christianity.
The Oprah Church (Google-it) is a pop-culture example of contemporary transcendent mysticism masquerading as a New
Enlightenment involving mind expanded awareness, and belief in spirit mediums.  Cardinal elements inherent in such belief
movements incorporate a focus on "self actualization", self-fulfillment, self-centered-me improvement, personal
gratification, and ascendance to a higher level of mystical spiritual awareness of one's place in the cosmos.  As well, there
is seldom, if any, focus on sin, repentance, selfless forgiveness, holiness, and/or a loving personal omnipotent deity.  This
New Enlightenment usually embraces  theories of organic evolution as being the origin of mankind, global unification
("Aquarian Age" / Ecumenism), and an evolving understanding of all things through science, as well as mankind's
self-determination of its own destiny.
Counterfeit religious contrivances portrayed in popular nuevo-publications, e.g., The Shack, The Da Vinci Code, Road
Less Traveled, The Secret
etc. attempt to liberate mankind from the shackles inherent in the dogma of Christianity, as
perceived by the authors.  Mysticism here is simply trading religious cannon for a freebasing spirituality, and more often
times than not, associated with unclean spirits from the dark side. The individual follower is encouraged to determine
his/her own relativistic morality and definition of "good" and "evil".
(3)   Again, the emphasis here is on the self and not on a
'god' or other "divine beings" as such   Apostate religious persuasions abhor the discipline and authority embodied in
Christian doctrinal canon for it does not allow for an unfettered gratification of fantasy exploits and fleshly longings.
Organized corporate religions (denominations) are on the wane (especially in EU countries), while experiential-driven
'religious' practices are exponentially increasing in number and variety. Thus, enter in the metaphysical aspects of the
emerging 21st C. religious genres, i.e., experiential/science  vs faith and belief.
There are contemporary Caribbean, Haitian, and Central Africa spiritism practices that incorporate necromancy (worship
of dead and undead spirits) which are not addressed in this essay.  However, Santeria (commingling of Roman Catholic
ceremonial rituals and West African pagan practices, including necromancy) is prevalent in South and Central  America.
Often immigrants from these countries bring a blended pagan/christian type of religious practice.  Such 'religion' may at
times claim the nomenclature of "Christian", but they are anything but.
Orthodox Christianity is under increasing attack and is perceived, in part, as a religion worshiping a Jewish embodied
deity, Christ Jesus.  Jews do not consider Christ to be Holy (Divine) in any respect, nevertheless its association with
Christianity has more similarities than differences. The Jewish roots of Christianity are sufficient to broad brush it with
much of the worldly hate directed towards Zion, especially in the Middle East.  The Tribulation Period (Old Testament
Jacob's Troubles) is rushing towards the present from just over the near-far horizon, and when it arrives there will be no
turning back. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are mounting up. This Commentary is not a doomsday scenario,
rather a recognition of God's fulfilling of His endtime prophetic scriptures.
Voodoo economics has been defined as:
A slang term used to describe the discipline of economics. It was given this description by Thomas Carlyle, who was
inspired to coin the phrase by T. R. Malthus's gloomy prediction that population would always grow faster than food,
dooming mankind to unending poverty and hardship.   A slanderous term used by President George H. W. Bush in
reference to President Reagan's economic policies known as Reaganomics.  Merely because Bush
(41) opposed 'supply
side-economics', does not mean 'demand side-economics' is the singular answer to 21st C. financial market woes.
The main plank in Keynesian(2) economics (demand-side) is the assertion that the aggregate demand created by households,
businesses and the government, and
not the dynamics of free markets, is the most important driving force  in an economy.
This economics further relies on the belief that free markets have no self-balancing mechanisms that lead to fill
employment.  Keynesian economists urge and justify a government's intervention  in the economy through public policies  
that aim to achieve full employment and price stability.  Their ideas have greatly influenced governments the world-over in
accepting their responsibility to provide full or near-full employment through measures (such as deficit spending) that
stimulate aggregate demand.
Opportunistic politics
The latest rendition of liberal politics embraces a shifting set of promises, strategies, and even policies advanced in an
attempt to convince the electorate to embrace, if not adopt, a transformational governance platform.  Legislative smoke n'
mirrors, shallow campaign promises, as well as snake oil political elixirs underpin much of present-day political
machinations. America has opted for a dynamic season of 'change' as the new Administration rushes to implement their
campaign promises and progressive-social agenda.
America's federal political infrastructure is about to undergo a significant reworking as the national economy is being
positioned to double back upon itself (deficit spending in an attempt to ameliorate a financial over expenditure meltdown).
America's political dynasties are being dismantled, voting block patterns are shifting from the center-right to the
center-left, and stalwart moral givens are being vexed by
legislated morality.  Congressional, State, and Executive level
partisan meddling in socially-weighted issues (e.g., gender bias conundrums,), anticipated polarizing Supreme Court
appointments, sweeping immigrant 'rights' legislation, and structural change in America's foreign policy mission are not
simple maturational developments.
If one perceives the events and examples above in their 'endtime' context, then they rightly fit altogether in a prophetic
contextualized whole. The seeming overnight slippage of America from the nation of international supremacy, military
superiority, and economic juggernaut to a country teetering on the precipice of implosion is a prophetic sign of the
endtimes. The present Administration's game plan/blueprint to spend this nation out of its debt
(10-11 Trillion)(4), invoking a
type of situational ethics, and nationalizing significant aspects of the national infrastructure will hobble America and allow
the EU to expedite its rise to dominance.
Granted, America was well down the slippery slope of becoming 'undone' prior to 01/20/09, yet the inaugural-of-change,
voted in by fifty-three percent of the electorate, seems positioned to jetpack our downward slide in exponential terms.  We
now live in the days of the "suddenlies" (unforeseen, unimagined, unpredicted) and the international peace so longed for,
may be all but unattainable without the relinquishment of significant sovereignty.
"looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, who gave
Himself for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself His own special
people, zealous for good works.  Speak these things, exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no one despise
[Titus 2:13-15]
Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
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Whenever an administration and/or legislature seemingly makes economic decisions for political
reasons there is always suspicion of using political influence for personal or corporate gain.  The
02/2009 stimulus package(s) can surely be seen as a gargantuan set of
earmarks foisted on the
populous by the democratically controlled Congress which primarily creates
political capital and not
so much economic or debt-service relief.  It does not take a rocket-surgeon to understand we cannot
spend our way out of
stagflation.  Only wizards are able to make such boasts.
There are those today which believe the best way to predict the future is to
create it (in their own
image).  America teeters on the precipice of "nationalizing" not only critical private sector enterprises,
but privitized infrastructure as well.  Enter nationalized Healthcare, Banking/Lending Service
conglomerates, along with check-and-balance governmental entities.  America is rapidly moving from
being a Republic to a
federalized quasi-democracy. When the political party in power determines the
ceiling amount individuals may earn in a years's time (02/11), then we have the beginning of
unashamed liberalism or re-engineered democracy.
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(RF Royalty Free)
The incoming Administration has a set of hardcore fundamental changes barking to be implemented and,
once in place, will be the navigating-points for compassing the global waters during the next decade. Jesse
Unruh ('68) once quipped,  "Money is the mother's milk of politics." No truer quote has been coined since
regarding the symbiosis between the two. Religion in America, on the other hand, has purposely remained on
the sideline of this shotgun (economy + politics) marriage, yet has to cope with the casualties and
consequences when one or both go awry. Question: Who let the dogs out ?