Cow tipping is an activity allegedly performed by sneaking up on an upright, sleeping cow, and attempting to push it over for
frivolity.  There are gravity factors at play here that make success in this imagined
tipping effort unlikely.[1] The consensus  
regarding such an
Urban Legend, as Cow Tipping, is that it 'does not have a leg to stand on'.   The caricature used here is in
reference to America and its (seeming)
increasing vulnerability to forces and individuals bent on  "tipping us over" or causing
great disorder.   Pearl Harbor (1941), more recently 9-11 (2001) and Katrina (2005) stand as unforgettable examples.
Prognosticators are venturing speculation the next seminal event for America will be along a time line of 2010-2012.
During 2008 run-up for the White House, one political camp seemed predominately focused on domestic and social-entitlement
issues, while the other camp gravitated more towards national defense concerns and international pressures/stressors on
America.   The United States is 49-51% divided on many critical-mass issues and we know from history, that
every kingdom
divided against itself shall be brought to ruin and ever house or city divided shall not stand!
[2]   America, through its dividedness
is ripe for major disrupting event(s).  In an increasingly skeptical America a quickly cobbled national consensus to address
immediate calamities will not be as easily obtained, as it was shortly post 9-11.
As the Bush-43 Administration begins its exit from power, two wannabe successors, a democratically lead Congress, and
national activist organizations are not hesitating a moment to voice their condemnation for America's recent military
adventurism(s). Â Fifteen of the nineteen "9-11 hijacker's" were of Saudi-origin, yet the judgment was made that the 9-11 event
was not a Saudi, Arabia state sponsored terrorist attack against America.   Space here does not allow for a review of how
America displaced it wrath for 9-11 onto Saddam and Iraq, yet we needed to execute a major payback, as a witness to the world
don't mess with America.  This commentary is not a political statement, but a critique to illuminate current vulnerabilities
America seems so reluctant to address directly, much less grapple with in a forcible manner.
As the proverbial Jersey cow stands upright in the middle of a pasture, napping in the noonday sun, and believing she is just too
large and heavy for anything or anyone to come along and attempt to tip-her-over, so does American seem to be napping and
overly confident in her own sense of powerful-strength largeness.  Even if cow tipping is considered to be a myth, the
Tipping of
is firmly imprinted in the collective minds of many who would/will attempt to do us irreparable harm.  This is not a
season to be snoozing on the knoll, for the
time-of-the-suddenlies is already upon us.
We read in 1 Thes. 5:3 - "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon
a woman with child; and they shall not escape".
This then is one of the major eschatological events embedded in the Tribulation
Period, for Jerusalem.  However, that  apprise is not just for Jerusalem, but also for any and all who are outrightly caught-up in
their own military strength, and sense of invulnerability, and the willing foisting off of God's sovereignty.   America has been
progressively trading her foundational reliance on,
In God We Trust, for advanced military technologies, and greatly enhanced
Homeland Security measures, and gross under estimation of America's trade imbalance and escalating national debt.  We are
certainly not refuting the critical need for both of the two security safeguards, but they 'alone' can not guarantee America's safety
from the nefarious enemies and calamity-capable forces operating in this dispensational time period. Recent national
calamities testify to that truth.
As of this date, America has incurred over a trillion dollars in debut from expensing the financing of the Middle East military
engagements.  The US dollar is in decline against the EU Euro, gasoline in the US is advancing towards four dollars per gallon,
gold is over one-thousand dollar per ounce, and the Dow is suffering from a clinical case of the jitters while heading straight for
Bear Market Days.  The FED is papering over a looming sub prime-linked  recession with successive interest rate reductions,
while bailing out Wall Street Financial Institutions (e.g., Bears Sterns, NYSE).  The man made security-touchstones America has
so heavily relied upon are obviously now resting on shifting-sand. There is a tipping point, once reached, will not allow for
recovery in time to save the fall.   America's great cash-cow is listing, observably to the left of center.
The above comments are not intended as a doomsday scenario, even though the 'Doomsday Clock' is presently set at
five-minutes to midnight.   However, one GPS-triggered nuclear device  hidden in a cargo-shipping container, e.g., in New York
Harbor, would meet the criteria for such a doomsday script.   America is rapidly expending herself militarily, economically and
forfeiting her reliance on God-given precepts, commandments, and decrees. Â We are eagerly rushing after and joining the
march towards globalization, with all of its vagaries, allure of expanded trade opportunities, secularized religious constructs, and
Godlessness.  Pantheism (belief in and worship of all gods) is already the order-of-choice for a coming global
religious-universality, viz. World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches, to name just two.
Two of the cardinal 'signs' for the beginning of the endtimes are, the denial of God's Sovereignty over mankind and His singular
Holiness, and the
apostasia[5] (the falling away from biblical-basedChristianity).   We can see both of these forces at work in
America today.  Scripture reveals, in both Old and New Testament examples, God's release of segments of humankind from His
Sovereign Rule and protection.  We find  Ephraim (Israel)  in the book of Hose
[6], unable/unwilling to separate itself from idols
and God's subsequent relinquishment of His covering (I will now let Ephraim alone).  In the book of Romans
[7], we find God
releasing a segment of mankind who entered a fleshpot from which they were unwilling to extricate themselves (and, God gave
them over to a depraved mind).  God's patience and tolerance for mankind's irascible
and unrepentant sinfulness, clearly has it
The anticipated tipping of America will be a consequence, in large part, of carnal-secular forces acting from within and would-be
ruinous forces advancing from without.  Today, we are clearly witnessing incipient secularism along with dark-sided counterfeit
religious persuasions increasingly exercising their strongholds over mankind.  The over-tilt of America beyond its point of
standing equilibrium may soon be reached.  Scripture tells us 'it doesn't have to be this way', yet the endtimes will reek baneful
and frightful times on all those, who separate themselves from God, even some of the wayward elect.  We are now witnessing
utterly depraved oratory emanating from certain pulpits, wasted ethical judgments exposed in the lives of some political leaders,
and a moral relativism sweeping the country.  These type aberrations are already present in various European and other
once-Christian centered societies.
America is napping standing as tall, relying almost exclusively on its 'security' infrastructure for immediate response and
intervention in any calamity, be it nature or manmade.  The eruption of Mt. Saint Helen
's, Force-5 Katrina, and 9-11 terrorism
have all exposed this country's less than necessary state-of-preparedness. The Law of Unintended Consequences is drawn
from a base of sudden, unexpected and unplanned events which usually test the mettle of the unsuspecting to the limit.  
America expends extraordinary amounts on remaining perpetually vigilant and 24/7 alert to potential military and/or terrorist
incursions, yet our borders remain porous and the undocumented were recently estimated to be 12+ million.
 As America
continues to move away from God's scriptural absolutes and willfully embraces situational moralities, our natural realm of
vigilance will not protect against the endtime Tribulation Period and God's judgments.  Tipping time may be closer than we care
to imagine.
Even though national polling results continue to reflect a majority of Americans declare themselves to be "religious", little more
than sixty percent identify themselves as being devoutly  "Christian".  The nomenclature of  "Christianity" has become almost a
generic for Protestant, Pentecostal, Catholic, Mormon, non-denominational, and a spate of religious sects all operating under
the banner of "Christian".  We read Christ speaking in Matt. 7:21-23 -
   "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father
 who is in heaven.   Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive    
out demons and perform many miracles?  Then I will tell them in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?    
Then I will tell them in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?  Then I will tell them plainly, I never knew
you. Away".
The apostasia, along with false teachers, preachers, prophets, doctrines[9] and false Christs[10] will emerge in the last days and
deceive many.   Again,
tipping time may be just over the near-coming horizon.  Even though the American religious corpus, in
part, may be falling away from The Truth, the true believer can live by faith, walk in obedience, stand on His Word, trust in His
promises and believe on His Name
[11] as  the world at-large is drawn into the Tribulation Period morass.  Our natural standing,
spiritual equilibrium, and physical endurance are not based on our strength, alone ... and neither does America's uprightness
weigh on its own merits.  As America continues to fall away from God's biblical tenants and commandments, our standing as a
nation will become less and less stable (secure).
Let us pray for endurance through faith, perseverance in our obedience, and steadfastness in belief to stand in Christ's Truth, as
the world enters the endtime Universal Ecumenism of apostate blended religions.  As Chas. Dickens penned, we live in the
"best of times and worst of times" ... let not the worst steal the best God has so graciously provided for those who believe On
Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin
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A perennial proclamation of nation/state invincibility has historically led to a condition where it becomes increasingly more
difficult to discern the eminency of
sudden destruction, as a nation rests ever so heavily upon its own manufactured sense of
security.  America's propped-up economy/prosperity and mounting national debt service will have to answer for themselves in
due season, if not before.  God's arm is not too short to provide and protect, when called upon by a believing nation.
[3]  The
False Peace Accord, to be confirmed between Israel and the Palestinian/Arab caliphate will be a feigned treaty, the center of
will not hold.  The coming enemies (at the door) bent on taking a spoil, are not all going to be from the natural realm![4]
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