Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz muses, "Somewhere over the rainbow
skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true."
Dorothy further declares ... in lullabies bluebirds fly, wishing upon a star, troubles melt like lemon drops above the chimney
tops, all
over the rainbow.  This fanciful story has many and varied interpretations of the surface and underlying meanings,
yet one observation remains ... exclusively "wishing away" the cares of the present and fantasizing about better things to
come.  Such escapism is to be expected in fictional fantasy, yet can be greatly over emphasized in politics and religion.
If we listened carefully to the political rhetoric in many 'stump preaches' during the 2008 presidential primary races and the
electioneering ran-up to the nominating process, we heard a spate of 'wishful promises', better tomorrows, and some
angry retorts.  Nothing new here, political huckstering is replete with calls to rally for 'better times' and more
honest/accountable government.  The old adage of 'the best way to rally the boys around the flagpole is to identify an
external enemy, be it real or imaginary', still works even today.
Nevertheless, America is in search of new horizons, which are free from seemingly unstoppable cost escalations for
petroleum byproducts, a quivering economy, overwhelming national debt, war-weariness, envisioned cutbacks in
entitlements, immigration, and rancorous civil/moral/religious issue disputes.  However, the more things are coerced to
change, the more they seem to stay the same.
Mankind appears to be creeping up to a virtual end-point in its effort to resolve age-old, as well as, present-day
conundrums for settling international differences and engineering peacefully ways to with neighbors, domestic and foreign.
The secular jury is still out, but animus from the caucus room is becoming undeniable as they struggle to gain wisdom and
understanding of the
times at hand. .  The coming endpoint of this age will be God's beginning point for His Millennial
Reign.  Secular will not be able to conceptualize such a parallax shift, until the beginning of the second half of the
tribulation Period.
Christ's coming reign from the Throne of David, in Jerusalem, is not something over the rainbow, but rather the
culmination of God's Plan for this present dispensation and all those to come. We read in Eph. 1:10,
"That in the
dispensation of the fulness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and
which are on earth; [even] in him."
God's purpose/plan for the church, as well as for the individual believer and unrepentant alike, is to "gather in one all
things in Christ."
 Many many have been gathered into His Kingdom, many more are yet to come, and as many will never
submit to The Lordship of Christ. This is in part what the Tribulation Period is about, as well as closing the
day of the
and preparing the Jewish peoples, which remain, for their coming restoration.
Question: Is one able to pass under a rainbow's arch and come out the other side? Not according to the laws of physics.  
Answer: A rainbow is all light and water. It is always in the front of you while your back is to the sun.  Moral of the story
is, we must address that which is in the forefront before us and stop wishing away the obvious, even though it requires
strenuous effort and perseverance, albeit to Alice.  As the endtimes rapidly advance, fictional escapism will become
ubiquitous.  Pied Pipers will arise to lead the unsuspecting down the proverbial
rabbit holes in these endtimes.
The political arena in America has become more and more gladiator-driven and is essentially no longer
issue/policy-centered.  As the March Hare instructs Alice:
"Say what you mean and mean what you say." Those words
might very well be the real gnome behind
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and the touchstone for honesty in
contemporary American politics. Without too much of a stretch, 'Religion' in America can be viewed as skewing-left and
becoming obliquitous to a biblical-centered Gospel.  The ever-burgeoning
psychosocial gospel is becoming the text of
choice in many a denominational and nondenominational church alike and easily seen and heard in more than just a few
"Christian" television ministry broadcasts.
The Apostle Paul gave us a great revelation when he penned in 2 Ths. 3, "Let no one deceive you by any means; for that
Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin (lawlessness) is revealed, the son of perdition".
[NKJ]  Extended debate still rages as to whether the 'falling away' is a rebellious departure of weakened (unrighteous)
Christians from Truth of the Gospe,l or is it the "Rapture" itself.
For our discussion here, the apostasia will be considered as a falling away from the Truth of the Gospel viz. a cleansing of
the bride-in-waiting[v.12] and not 1 Ths. 4:17 "... who are alive
and remain shall be caught up together with them in the
clouds to meet the Lord in the air ...". (Vis-a-vis the Rapture).
If the bride-of-Christ (the radiant church) is to be [Eph. 5:27] without spot, wrinkle or blemish,but holy and blameless ...
how does she become that way in today's carnal hedonism?  As we read in Ezek. 20:37,
"And I will cause you to pass
under the rod (Shepherd’s Rod), and I will bring you into the bond of the covenant:"  
God was purging ancient Israel and
separating those of which he approved from those which he disapproved.  The
falling away is a New Testament form of
the Shepherd's Rod of old.
Secular mankind is/has placed its confidence in political solidarities, economic solvency, military power/might, and
especially today, technological advancements to rescue itself from the vagaries of the 'endtimes'.  Fanciful rainbows
boasting serendipitous escapisms will surely multiply in these last days as God's judgments continue to manifest and
increase in their frequency and intensity.  They will appear in both 'religious' and 'political' venues.
There are those today who preach a sinless gospel, an all-inclusive redemption/pardon regardless of confession in Christ,
and works-over-faith to gain God's favor. These same religious-horns will ultimately trumpet and advance an ecumenical
church which will endeavor to usher in a universal-type religious clamoring among all religious persuasions. (See Rev.
The enemy of God has had 6000± yrs. to perfect and hone his diabolical strategies and deceptions in his effort to lead the
Church astray from God's Kingdom to Come.  Empty promises, convoluted religious theology, daemon empowered
mysticisms, and formless water-particle religious rainbows are becoming ubiquitous.  Know well the doctrine from which
you are taught, the spiritual authority to which you are submitted, and the Holy Spirit who inhabits your home church.
These are not times to be sleeping watchmen on the walls.
Those that chase religious-type rainbows in the sky, hoping to lay-hold of that imagined pot of gold, will not find gold, and
no pot either.  Become ever so vigilant that you do not become a spoil to the enemy nor a victim of the processes he uses
to deceive, for they are very crafty, cunning, and wily.  
"Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand
against the wiles of the devil."
[Eph. 6:11]  There is no reason anyone should ever take off the armor of God, so be
prepared to sleep in it.
The coming times may become very tumultuous, even though many preach only happy days are here to stay!  We read in
Rev. 12:11, we shall
overcome by the blood of The Lamb (the atonement of Christ) and (our) testimony concerning His
sacrifice, and not love our life to the shrinking from death
. (See Job 13:15 - regarding faith/life unto death). Our
overcoming, sanctification, and perseverance to serve His purpose are in the Blood of Christ, and not in any of the various
contemporary religious elixirs or various counterfeit 'gospels' being voiced, as Christ said there would be in the last days.
What's over the Rainbow has no relationship with what welcomes at the foot of the Cross.  A rainbow is utterly
transitory in nature, while the benefits of the Cross are eternally enduring.
There are those in America, which are profiteering almost without constraint, while a multitude of others is teetering on
the brink of economic insolvency.  America is divided almost 49% to 51% on so many seminal issues facing this great
nation ... issue's on "life", war, partisan politics, foreign policy, domestic entitlement's, immigration, ecology, and a host of
others.  A divided nation, city, country cannot stand for very long.  The signs of the times(Matt. 16:3) are upon us, yet so
many are cavalier and nonchalant about God's pending wrath and His judgment of, and on, unrepentant Sin.  
Falling down
a NewAge-type rabbit hole is no pathway to salvation, nor an escape from endtime calamities.
If one does not believe we are well into the beginning of the endtimes then much of the above for them, is moot. However,
for those which do recognize the signs of the times, it is incumbent to share The Gospel with whomever and wherever we
can, while there is daylight left to work by!  Impending darkness looms upon the near-far horizon and hangs like wet
Spanish moss on a Cyprus
tree of time, dense and weighty.  This is not doomsday rhetoric, but rather an out-reading of
endtime eschatological prophecy coming to fruition.  Stay close to the foot of The Cross, avoid chasing transient rainbows
(counterfeit ministries) and speak His Word in season and out of season. Amen
Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin